Tiamulin 10% Injection



Generic name: Tiamulin 10% Injection

Contains per ml:
Tiamulin base................................100 mg
Tiamulin is indicated for gastrointestinal and respiratory infections caused by tiamulin sensitive micro-organisms, including swine dysentery caused by Brachyspira spp. and complicated by Fusobacterium and Bacteroides spp., enzootic pneumonia complex of pigs and mycoplasmal arthritis in swine.

Do not administer in case of hypersensitivity to tiamulin or other pleuromutilins.
Animals should not be administrated products containing polyether ionophores such as monensin, narasin or salinomycin during or for at least seven days before or after treatment with Tiamulin.

Administration and dosage:

For intramuscular administration. Do not administer more than 3.5 ml per injection site. 
General: 1 ml per 5 - 10 kg body weight for 3 days.

Withdrawal period:
- For meat: 14 days.

Package: 100ml/ bottle 

Storage: Tightly sealed, pretect from light, store below 25℃.

Shelf-life: 2 years




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