Cefquinome Injection 2.5%



Generic name: Cefquinome sulfate Injection 2.5%

Main composition: Cefquinome sulfate

Characters: White suspension , long purchase tiered


1. The use of crystalline active substance, strong antibacterial activity, high bioavailability; Through low temperature vacuum tech, removing impurities that easily cause product degradation (acetone, volatile alcohols and alkanes etc.), make the product quality more stable.

2. Control the temperature and speed separately, have the dynamic and static manufacture process to ensure product redispersion.

3. Upgrade the thixotropic gel technology, make the drug lasting function, keep stable after placement over a period of time.

4. Own the national invention patents, No. CN201510103265.9.


For treatment of pathogenic bacteria infection caused by e. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, pasteurella, etc. For treatment of swine respiratory diseases caused by multiple kill pasteurella or pleuropneumonia actinobacillus.

Dosage and administration:

Prevention: 50ml per 2.5 L seepage, for 8000 chickens, 5000 chicks;

Treatment: Poultry: 0.04ml per body weight by injection

Swine:2-3mg per body weight, once a day for 3days


(1) Shake well before use.

(2) Protect from light.

Storage: Tightly sealed, protect from light, store below 25℃.




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Copyright © Henan Muxiang Vetrinary Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.All rights reserved

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