Amoxicillin 15% Injection



Common Name: Amoxicillin Injectable Suspension 15%

Composition: Each 1 ml contains 150 mg Amoxicillin base


Mainly treatment for infections caused by gram-positive and gram-negative bacterium susceptible to amoxicillin.

Dosage and administration    

Intramuscularly or subcutaneously injection. For livestocks: 5- 10 mg amoxicillin per kg body weight per day; or 10- 20mg per kg body weight, one time for every two days.


(1) Shake well before use.

(2) Milk for human consumption must not be taken from a cow during treatment. Milk for human consumption may only be taken after 24 hours from the last treatment.

Not drink the milk during treatment and before drug withdrawal 96 hours.

Withdrawal period  

Slaughter: 28 days; milk: 7 days; egg: 7 days.

Package: 100ml/ bottle 

Storage: Tightly sealed, protect from light,store below 25℃. 




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Copyright © Henan Muxiang Vetrinary Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.All rights reserved

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