Healthy stomach intestines Herbal Granule Herbal Granule



For Veterinary Use Only                                       

Product Name Healthy stomach intestines Herbal Granule

Composition:  Mixture of herbal extracts


Brown granule, bitter.


Treatment of the respiratory and intestinal disease caused by virus in poultry and swine. Especially for intestinal disease caused by virus, such as pullorum and enteritis. Effective relieve the following symptoms: fever-afraid cold, depression, drooping wings, appetite decreases or no appetite, thirsty and polydipsia, white, pale yellow or pale green stools, and mouth breathing.

Dosage and Administration:

For oral administration:

Poultry: 200g per 200-250L of drinking water, for 3-5 days ;

Swine: 500g per 500-1000kg of feed , or 500g per 1000-2000L of drinking water, for 3-5 days.


1. Own the Patent Certificate for the preparation process .

2. Biological enzymolysis and crushing technology: improve the absorption rate of herbal active ingredients; The product efficacy higher 30% than the traditional technology.

3. Physical impurity with three stage process: the granule can rapidly dissolve in water, without blockage to the water line.

4. Advanced granulating process: uniform efficacy, high drug loading.

5. Pure nature herbal products, no residue, no resistance.

Precautions: None

Warning: Keep out reach of children

Withdrawal  Period:  None

Storage:  Store in a dry place, sealed, protect from light.

Shelf-life: 2 years




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