Osto Cal Sol.


Osto Cal Sol.

Osto Cal Sol.Liquid Concentrate is a superior quality and high concentration Liquid Feed Supplement of Calcium and Phosphorus fortified with key vitaminsOsto Cal Sol.Liquid Concentrate improves Quality & Quantity of Milk and helps to prevent Milk fever

Composition: Each 100 ml contains

Calcium: 2080 mg

Phosphorus: 1040 mg

Vitamin D3: 10000 IU

Vitamin B12:150 mcg

Carbohydrate : 40000 mg

Energy value

Kilocalories: -160

Kilojoules: -670

· Enhances milk synthesis in lactating animals.

· Helps in preventing skeletal weakness

· Ensures better productivity


· To promote growth in young animals.

· To maintain steady lactation and improve the quality of milk.

· To maintain calcium level in pregnant animals.

Usage recommendations:

Poultry: 100ml for 500 Birds via drinking water.

Cattle and Buffaloes: 100 ml daily

Calves, Sheep & Goats: 20 ml twice daily

Presentation: 100ml ,500ml ,1.0 Litre, 2.0 litre, 5.0 litre and 20 Litre.




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Copyright © Henan Muxiang Vetrinary Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.All rights reserved

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