Composition: Each kg LysoBac water soluble powder contains:

Vitamin......E100 gm

Vitamin......C100 gm

Lysozyme......50 gm




1. LysoBac is applied as nutritional supplements during stress condition and pre or post vaccination of poultry and livestock. Supplements increases immunity by repairing tissues. Immune Booster Supplement provides strong immunity against New castle, IB, Influenza and viral respiratory diseases.

2. Enhance immunity: as the body's non-specific immune factors, LysoBac participates in a variety of immune responses. In body's normal defense function and non-specific immunity has an important role.

3. Regulate the balance of intestinal flora: LysoBac can directly or indirectly regulate the intestinal microbes, reduce harmful microorganisms in the intestinal tract, promote the growth and reproduction of beneficial microorganisms, and maintain the effective dynamic balance of the intestinal flora.

4.0Repair of wound tissue: LysoBac can activating platelets, also can improve local tissue blood circulation disorders, decompose pus, repair wound tissue, and enhance the local defense function of organs or tissues.


Mode of Action:

1.vitamin E acts as an antioxidant in cell membranes where prevents the propagation of free radical reactions, although it has been also shown to have pro-oxidant activity.

2.Vitamin C is an essential nutrient necessary to maintain connective tissue and bone. It acts as a reducing agent and coenzyme in several metabolic pathways.

3.Selenium is an essential trace element which protects cells from lipid per-oxidation.

4.Lysozyme as an immunoglobulin production stimulating factor which improve the function of immune system of animal.


Dosage & Administration:


1st week: 25 gm for 1000 birds twice daily via drinking water;

3rd week: 50 gm for 1000 birds twice daily via drinking water;

5th week: 75-100 gm for 1000 birds twice daily via drinking water;

Breeder/Layer: 100 gm for 1000 birds twice daily via drinking water

Or as directed by Animal Nutritionist/Veterinarian


Large Animal: 10-20 gm per 100 kg body weight twice daily for 3-5 days;

Small Animal: 5-10 gm per 100 kg body weight twice daily for 3-5 days



Store in a cool and dry place. Keep all feed additives out of the reach of children.


Withdrawl Period:

Non toxic and harmless with no residues and withdrawal period.


Pack Size:

50 gm, 100 gm & 1kg Sachet




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