Albendazole Tablets.



Generic NameAlbendazole Tablets.

Composition: Albendazole.

Characters: A off-white color tablet.

Indication: Anti-worm medicine.

For livestock nematode disease, tapeworm disease and trematodiasis.

Dosage and Administration:

Oral administration;

Single dose, per 10kg body weight:

0.5 to 1 tablet for horses; 1 to 1.5 tablets for cattle and sheep;

0.5 ~ 1 tablet for swine; 2.5~5 tablets for dog; 1~2 tablets for cat.

Adverse reaction

(1) Could cause aplastic anemia in dogs and cats.

(2) Has teratogenic and embryotoxic effects on animals in early pregnancy


(1) Prohibited during lactation of dairy cows.

(2) Do not use in the first 45 days of pregnancy in cattle and sheep.

Withdraw period: Cattle 14 days, Sheep 4 days, Swine 7days, Poultry 4 days, Milk 60 hours.

Strength: 0.1g.

Package: 500 tablets/bottle.

Storage: Preserve in well-closed containers.

Manufacturer: Henan Muxiang Veterinary Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Address: Kong Gang Wu Road, Zhengzhou, P.R. China.




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