Avian Pasteurella multocida Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain 1502)



Product Name: Avian Pasteurella multocida Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain 1502)

Type: Inactivated vaccine

Indication: Used to prevent poultry pasteurosis (avian cholera). The immune period is 6 months for chickens and 9 months for ducks.

To prevent Avian Pasteurella multocida (avian cholera)

Dosage and Administration: By subcutaneous injection in the neck area. For chicken or duck over 2 months old, each 1.0 ml.


(1) Do not freeze, the frozen vaccine is strictly prohibited.

(2) After a long period of time, a trace amount (not more than 1/10) of oil will be deposited on the upper layer. Shake evenly when using.

(3) When inoculation, local disinfection should be done.

(4) Generally, there is no obvious response after vaccination, and individual animals have reduced food for 1 to 3 days.

(5) The used vaccine bottles, equipment and unused vaccines should be treated in a harmless manner.

(6) It is prohibited to use within 28 days before slaughter.

Strength: (1)100 ml/bottle ; (2)250 ml/bottle; (3)500 ml/bottle 

Package: (1)100bottles/carton; (2)40boxes/carton; (3) 20bottles/carton

Storage: Stored 2~8℃.

Shelf-life: 12 months.




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