Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis Combination Vaccine(Strain La Sota+Strain H120)



Product Name: Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis Combination Vaccine (Strain La Sota + Strain H120)

Type: Live

Indication: To prevent Newcastle Disease and Infectious Bronchitis.

Dosage and Administration: Vaccinated by dropping noses or drinking.

(1) Suitable for chicken over 7 days.

(2) Dilute with normal saline, injectable water or cold boiled-water according to the label feathers in the bottle.

For dropping noses: each chicken needs 0.03ml;

For drinking:  each chicken needs 0.06ml;

The amount of drinking water depends on the age of the chicken, 5 to 10 days ages: 5~10ml; 

20 to 30 days ages: 10~20ml; and adult chicken:20~30 ml.


(1) After dilution, it should be stored in a cool and dark place and used up within 4 hours.

(2) Metal containers should not be used for drinking water inoculation, and water should be stopped for at least 2 to 4 hours before drinking.

(3) Used vaccine bottles, equipments and unused vaccines should be treated in a harmless manner.

Strength: 1000 feathers/bottle

Package: (1)10 bottles/box; 20 boxes/carton; (2)10 bottles/box; 30 boxes/carton;

(3)10 bottles/box;40 boxes/carton; (4)10 bottles/box;60 boxes/carton;

Storage: Store below -15°C.

Shelf-life: 18 months.




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