Partner Development Forum was successfully held seminars husbandry Xiang Pharmaceutical






  Songshan June, Junji towering, cloud-lan changes, open and pleasant.

  25-26, more than 230 industry leaders end their Dengfeng, at the foot of the mountain world among 齐聚嵩 participate in animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical Partners Development Forum seminar.

  The seminar on the theme "upgrade Xiaoying future," Cheung animal husbandry in April, following the success of medicine "10th Whampoa Military Academy Development Forum" in Emeishan after another event.

  Development is the eternal theme of this era!

  Present poultry industry by the impact of macro environment, market is still tepid, the market remains in the doldrums, difficult development. Poultry practitioners face difficulties, anxious confused, overwhelmed. Although we realize the transformation and upgrading is an inevitable trend in the development of the industry, but what turned to where and how the transition? How do I upgrade? How to upgrade the final Xiaoying future? Reality in a variety of difficult problems before us, we do nothing.

  Given the current confusion, animal husbandry, Cheung medicine to help customers solve real problems encountered in the development for our customers sustained and healthy development and make due contributions to the company to absorb the successful experience of the Whampoa Military Academy Development Forum, integration advantages of resources, to relax the conditions of customer participants expand the range of customers, a lot of manpower and financial resources, for customers to participate in the Whampoa Military Academy outside Development Forum, organized this seminar Partner Development Forum.







  The seminar is divided into situation papers, case papers, technical papers and Wisdom, with different perspectives, different cases of all-round, multi-level elaborate, exchange how to upgrade, Xiaoying future. Participants have said that benefit customers, impressed!

  During the meeting, participants visit the company headquarters administrative office in Hong Kong and production base to visit the exchange, the company's corporate culture, management system, technical strength and production technology, production testing equipment fully affirmed, much appreciated.

  Tarzan customers Lizhong Qin: participate husbandry Xiang medicine conference, touched me a lot, not only for the development of the industry status and trends have a deep understanding, let me for the future development of their own also have a more clear direction and goals, confidence full.

  Customer Duxue De Tarzan: a high level of your research and development, the participants let me truly understand Xiang Pharmaceutical products, animal husbandry, very unique, and I really believe; before been unable to find the right direction and strategy, through your share of customers cases, their model is what I need, helped me a lot.

  Qingdao Lu Customer war: Meeting Curriculum operability, as compared with other companies participated in the meeting, more grounded gas organizational meeting demonstrating the strength of strong medicine, animal husbandry, Cheung, Cheung for animal husbandry Pharmaceutical R & D strength and! Featured Products confident.

  Southwest Yalin breeding company: animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical R & D strength is high, professional standards, let us also of their own product planning new understanding; sharing case each of us has a reference, a great harvest.

  Liaoning corporate customers: Share of cases have a strong reference guide, what we need to model. Cheung animal husbandry Pharmaceutical R & D of advanced technology, product advantage, the high level of organization and management meetings, high overall quality, your company is big companies trust and long-term cooperation.

  South China Xia sister customers: the company for the industry's future development trend seen very clearly, I feel deep, very benefit. In addition, the meeting make me feel deeply Xiang medicine, animal husbandry, professional and highly qualified, is a trustworthy partner.

  Northeast customers Renshang Hua: animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical R & D strength, advanced technology, products, I am assured; strong organizational skills session, this time to visit the company also felt the animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical is a very powerful large companies, trustworthy.

  NORTH corporate clients: Meeting of sharing good case, let us look at the problems of their own, to communicate with these counterparts to do good, but also to our future development provides a good idea of having a strong reference ; organizing meetings, forms are very good, unique, animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical is a research and development strength of large companies, with Cheung Pharmaceutical animal husbandry have a future cooperation.

  East China Customer: Curriculum good enough high, to grasp the trend, winning helpful in the future, with such confident business cooperation; a high level conference organization and management, high-quality staff, to feel the strength of a large company.

  Southwest Guizhou Daxing ALBERT Livestock: organizational management meetings is very good feel of your company through this conference is indeed trusted partner, after visiting the company and feel the strength of your company!!

  Customer Central: Meeting is organized very scientific, operational; organizational meeting reception shows large image of the company.

  Central Customer Tongzhong Min: animal husbandry, Cheung medicine is very powerful large companies, is trustworthy, long-term customers, organization and management meetings are reflected in the high quality animal husbandry, Cheung medicine.


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