Veterinary and food safety forum held in animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical






  July 20, organized by the Pharmaceutical Xiang animal husbandry, veterinary medicine and food safety forum in the province several well-known breeding company executives, industry experts and the Institute for Drug Control leaders to participate successfully held in the provincial animal husbandry, Cheung medicine.

  Currently, food safety issues have risen to the national will. "Food safety as big as day" is no longer a simple slogan, but the whole nation in unison, solid work action. As the food industry, related industries, farming enterprises and development of all veterinary enterprises facing death in the face of food safety, how to deal with the ever meet the food safety requirements, how to adapt to the trend, sustained and healthy development of enterprises, is every entrepreneur ponder The problem!



  At the forum, Mr. Du Weiwei Xiang Pharmaceutical marketing vice president, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical R & D introduces the situation, stressing the use of national animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical Enterprise Technology Center platform, adhere to the "no contraband, legal norms; innovation and technology, with the technology for customers create greater value; ensure high-quality products, "the development principles, adhering to the" integration, innovation, and leading "research and development concepts, take the road of technological innovation-driven development.

  Henan Agricultural University professor, doctoral tutor, animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical Chief Scientist Dr. Hu Gongzheng entitled "veterinary and food safety," the spirit of communication. Professor Hu on the current food security situation was analyzed, and stressed: veterinary and food safety are not opposing exclusion, election effective or efficient national standards and regulate the use of veterinary drugs, veterinary medicine and food safety can be an organic unity. Veterinary Drug users do choose effective GB drug withdrawal period to comply with the provisions, not arbitrarily change the target animals, dose and route of administration, and constantly improve the technological level of prescription, scientific compatibility and reasonable, we can guarantee food safety.

  Henan Agricultural University doctoral tutor, chief scientist of animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical National Enterprise Technology Center Professor Cui Baoan hosted exchange, director of Animal Products Quality Monitoring and Inspection Center of Henan Province, Henan Province, the country paid classes Veterinary Drug Control Policy Director, introduced the national requirements the hopes and the participating companies. Chia Tai Group Vice Chairman of China Zhengbao Zhen, general manager of Shuanghui Group Agro Division Lei Yonghui, chicken division general manager Chun Xi Tao, vice president of Huaying Group Yao Yufei, Lee, vice president of state Yongda Group, Vice President of Liujiang Group 胡义国 Isoparametric representatives have spoken, everyone Understanding for veterinary and food safety issues, chat experiences, exchange ideas, collision wisdom. It was agreed that: enterprise management according to law is a prerequisite for survival, as a local well-known enterprises in Henan Province, the image must establish a benchmark for the practice of food safety, food security contribute to good ideas, and make due contributions.

  After the meeting, animal husbandry, medicine and Henan Chia Tai Cheung held a strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony, the two sides will further expand cooperation areas and raise the level of cooperation, and promote common development.
















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