2015 Pharmaceutical Xiang animal husbandry new employee orientation come to an end






  To help new employees to quickly integrate into the new work environment, better understanding of the industry and business, rapid adaptation, complete role change, July 15 --21 days, the success of the company in 2015 organized by the Ministry of Personnel of new employee orientation, from China master's and undergraduate students of Agricultural Sciences, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Southeast University, Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Chinese Medicine, Henan Agricultural University and other famous universities of nearly 30 people to attend the training.

  The training on the basis of new employee orientation tradition of previous successful experience in curriculum design further distillation and innovation, more scientific and meticulous in organizational management. Training content from industry articles, business articles, product technical articles, papers and occupational sectors to expand beyond the five papers. During the training, new employees carefully recorded, positive thinking freely, enthusiastic interaction, demonstrating the team and individual style. By systematically explain and communicate, the staff on the development of the industry has been further cognition; for company profiles, corporate culture and direction have a more profound understanding; how transformed into an excellent professional people have a more profound Experience. On the graduation ceremony, the new employees have said: Xiang animal husbandry will be on this platform medicine, give full play to their professional advantage, the pursuit of progress, continue to make breakthroughs and beyond the self, for the company's development and make its due contribution.

  After the training, the training period for the emergence of advanced individuals were commended incentives.

  New employees to join, sustained and healthy development for the company has injected fresh blood, is dedicated to the specialized pharmaceutical, animal husbandry, Cheung medicine, do science and technology enterprises with high-quality personnel support!


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