Henan Science and Technology Agency led his party come to guide the work of animal husbandry, Cheung Pharmaceutical






  Recently, Henan Science and Technology Department leadership and his party come husbandry Xiang Pharmaceutical, Henan industrial technology innovation platform for the declaration of qualification and construction work study guide.

  Expedition line listened carefully to the report on the company's project leader, the company's technology platform, foreign cooperation and services and technological innovations achieved in recent years and other work, and depth with company executives and planning company for the purpose of industrial technology innovation platform construction exchange. Subsequently, the national technical center in-depth study group and his party, demonstration workshops and other places to understand the situation, the company's professional standards, research and development, public service capacity spoke highly valuable suggestions for the declaration and construction of industrial technology innovation platform.



  Henan technological innovation platform is to encourage and guide the rational allocation and sharing of scientific and technological resources for innovative entities with high technical research and development, technology transfer and other public services, technological innovation capability and set high reporting standards, accreditation strict requirements.

  Pharmaceutical, animal husbandry, Cheung rely on national enterprise technical centers and strong technological innovation strength, continued to strengthen technological exchanges and cooperation, to build a common technology from industry and forward-looking technology research and development, technology transfer, pilot production, personnel training and other complete, a comprehensive, integrated technical service platform system, give full play to the functions of the local internet service, boost economic development in Henan Province and the surrounding areas.

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Copyright © Henan Muxiang Vetrinary Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.All rights reserved

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